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Award for best music school

We are a 5star and multiple award winning music school. We have proven to be one of the best music schools in Nigeria with proven track records, laurels, performance evidences and academic Awards from prominent society, bodies and organizations which includes the 2017 & 2018 Award for Excellence by the National Arts Society.

Performance and concerts

The students of the Academy have performed at many national and state events such as National Carol, Aso Villa Carol, 1st October Concert, etc. The Eagles have also, featured on many TV programs across the nation and have hosted various concerts such as Talent Clash, Carols, Listen concert and at the prestigious venues such Ladi Kwali hall of Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

Our Programs

Private Lessons– Piano, vocal, guitar, violin and more
Group Music Class– Music appreciation, group piano / violin, show choir and ensembles
Theory Programs– Royal Conservatory of Music theory classes
Enrichment Opportunities– Television shows, Album features, recitals and concerts

Performance objective - Creative expression and performance

Students are trained to

  • perform with accurate intonation and rhythm,
  • harness their performance skills and techniques,
  • perform from both memory and staff notation,
  • perform a varied repertoire of music from diverse cultures.

Culminating Objectives - Cognitive and motor skill development

  • Concentration – build meta-focus, mind balancing and brain co-ordination through multitasking.
  • Perception – to be able to look at a music piece; process it with the brain and interpret it immediately.
  • Memory – build noetic smartness, receptive, sequential, rote and long-term memory
  • Logical and Quantitative thinking through bilateral integration, music math and note subdivisions.

Curriculum Aims

  • Staff and students have high expectations and strive for excellence in musicianship
  • Learning and teaching takes place in a safe and purposeful environment
  • Staff challenge and support students’ paths to success
  • Creative and flexible approaches to learning and teaching

Great Facilities

The Eagles Music Academy features modern and spacious facilities that can accommodate private instruction as well as group and ensemble training. An optimal teaching environment which contributes significantly to student learning and achievement. We have designed our centres in consultation with numerous educators and musicians to provide our students with a truly exceptional learning environment.

The Eagles Foundation (TEF)

TEF is a charity project of The Eagles Music Academy which is targeted at equipping the indigents and disadvantaged Nigerian children with skills for self-sustenance, employability and development. TEF is passionately committed to Vitalizing, harnessing and empowering skills of the 21st century man to effectively curbing unemployment in the country – Discovering, identifying, grooming and empowering citizens with exceptional music skills.

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675 Esther John Drive, off 62rd, 6th Avenue,
After Charly Boy, Gwarinpa,


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